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Ben Heit Quartet

Ben Heit studied jazz piano at the Wurzburg College of Music where he was a pupil of musicians such as Chris Beier and Billy Elgart. He also studied classical piano and composition. He was awarded the Bavarian Jazz Award for the Hubert Winter Quartet, and he later created his own quartet in Berlin. He took lessons from John Hicks, and this was followed by performances domestically and abroad (Paris, Casablanca, Prague and many more), as well as for the Goethe Institute.

Since 2001, the pianist has been living in Trier, from where he has also sought contact with other musicians in neighbouring countries. He met his French musician colleagues at a jam session in Luxembourg and developed a European quartet concept with them. His compositions and piano playing are noticeably influenced by Bill Evans, McCoyTyner, Thelonious Monk and Joachim Kühn.

The Ben Heit Quartet predominantly performs its own compositions, contemporary improvised music with a European focus, which aims to avoid known redundancies and utilise new formative structures, without compromising on improvisatory freedom and spirit for playing.

The programme is topped off with a few foreign compositions which, when re-harmonised and rearranged, are given a new feel.

Other members of the Ben Heit Quartet:

Damien Prud`homme - Saxes


Jean-Luc Déat - Bass


Christian Mariotto - Drums


For further information - www.ben-heit.de