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Here too we remain faithful to our philosophy: the recordings on offer here should also impress with their high-fidelity sound, high level of musicality and overall intensity of effect.

Adapted to the style of the genre and the relevant production conditions, there are fewer live recordings here than in the case of the ACOUSENCE classics, but even the “studio productions“ are performed under semi-live conditions in carefully chosen areas on location.

Our debut recording, CD MAGNETISM with the BEN HEIT QUARTET (release July 2008), already gives an impression of the kind of interesting music combined with high intensity that we can commit to disc like this – not forgetting, of course, our usual high sound quality.



Zwischentöne (Nuances)


Martin S. Schmitt - Soprano and Alto Saxophone
Volker Krebs - Organ


Jazz and church music - two genres of music in which improvisation, the spontaneous invention of music, has always been of great importance. Improvisation models such as Chaconne and Passacaglia have a long tradition in church music. In jazz, improvisation is a central principle of creation, embodying the full being of this music. So what could be better than bringing together these music-making traditions at this point of contact?

The pieces on this CD are the result of this concept and represent various "interim states" of this encounter. In this way, jazz adaptations of hymns, improvisations on hymn themes, classically inspired compositions, pop-oriented ballades and free improvisations were created. Depending on the piece, there is a tendency towards one direction or another in the field between jazz and church music. The binding element continues to be improvisation.





Ben Heit Quartet:


Ben Heit - Piano
Damien Prud`homme - Saxes
Jean-Luc Déat - Bass
Christian Mariotto - Drums


This CD is dedicated to Ingmar Bergman and his film work.

"My films are never born of reflection but rather always of an emotional cause."
(Ingmar Bergman)
"My motivation for my own compositions on this CD has the same origin. Polarisation, attraction and repulsion, proximity, distance and breakup in interpersonal relationships are the focus of the music."
(Ben Heit)